Gelatin Methacryloyl (GelMA) is an engineered protein biomaterial that has been proven useful for bioprinting, tissue engineering, and drug delivery. Prior to The GelMA company, researchers had to synthesize GelMA in-house or pay exorbitant prices for pre-made GelMA. Both methods were inefficient and made GelMA difficult to access.  After many years of research and development, we created a new method for producing Okagel, our proprietary GelMA;  this method solves many of the current challenges faced by GelMA researchers. We aim to make biotechnological research accessible for everyone by producing high-quality, fairly traded GelMA. Below are our top 9 benefits of using Okagel GelMA.

1. Batch to Batch Consistencies

 Due to the nature of the traditional GelMA synthesis process, commercial production has previously been limited to small batch sizes. This increases the possibility of batch-to-batch inconsistencies as many iterations are necessary to produce significant volumes.The GelMA production process used by The GelMA Company is highly controlled which ensures consistent GelMA quality in all batches and between batches. This novel production method allows the process to be scaled which facilitates the production of large-scale batches. Between GelMA production that is consistent over time, and production of large quantities, each bottle of Okagel will have the same properties as the one before it. 

 2. Purity

The GelMA Company’s production method solves contamination issues currently plaguing traditional commercial GelMA production. In traditional synthesis, GelMA is subject to a lengthy dialysis process to remove toxic impurities. Dialysis is unable to completely remove all toxic impurities as the process itself is simply inefficient; the water exchange cycle only removes about half of the impurities. Thus, trace amounts of highly toxic byproducts remain in the GelMA even after 7 days of water exchange.

 The GelMA Company uses a patented purifying method that removes virtually all toxic agents, ensuring that each batch of GelMA is pure and of high quality. Our product is subject to vigorous quality assurance testing and only the batches that meet our highest standards are put forth for use in the laboratory. You can trust that using Okagel won’t introduce any unexpected compounds to your research. 

3. Consistent Results

Batch-to-batch inconsistencies, lost batches, and repeated experiments due to material failure are all headaches that every researcher has experienced at least once. Okagel’s purity and consistency can mitigate all these frustrations by helping to create consistent results during experiments. Ultimately, this improves research reproducibility and allows for faster publication of research results.

 4. Time Efficient

Researchers will no longer need to learn and develop GelMA synthesis processes when they purchase ready-to-use Okagel. Eliminating the need to synthesize GelMA in-house means that researchers can devote more time to their results.

 5. Reduced laboratory costs

A key factor that contributes considerably to the success of a research project is laboratory operating costs, including of the cost of materials, labour, and equipment. Synthesizing GelMA in-house usually involves hidden additional costs that can significantly increase the operating costs of a research laboratory, such as the requirement of dialysis oversight for 7 days straight and direct purchase costs of dialysis and lyophilization equipment. However, these hidden costs are eliminated when using Okagel.

6.  An Alternative to the Commercial Cost Crisis

GelMA produced using our patented production method solves the commercial cost crisis. Okagel production is efficient enough to allow for fair, affordable pricing. The difference in price per gram lowers material costs for research groups using GelMA. Our retail prices achieve the company’s main goal of increasing GelMA accessibility for research groups around the globe.

 7.  Save Down Time 

In addition to explicit cost savings, using ready-to-use Okagel allows research groups to begin their research work immediately. Instead of spending two weeks synthesizing their own GelMA, researchers can begin their experiments right away.   

8.  Accessibility

At The GelMA Company, we are researchers too. We understand that time is of the essence for most projects and delay in material arrival can be the difference between meeting a deadline and not.  We provide fast, worldwide shipping because we believe that location should not be a barrier to access. 

 9.  Ambassador Program

We understand that researchers need to trust their materials. One way of building this trust is to synthesize GelMA in-house, but this is a laborious process that can lead to inconsistent results. We’ve launched an Ambassador program that allows research labs to partner with us and help share their experiences with Okagel. Ambassador partnerships create even easier access to Okagel for research partners, and a trusting relationship with new Okagel users. Click here to find out more about our Ambassador program.