Light Box Protocol

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The light box is a simple wooden container containing a light source on the top. The light source in the light box will have a wavelength of either 405nm or 520nm. Okagel samples are placed inside the box, and will photo-crosslink under the light source.



  1. The light source at the top of the box has an adjustable screw lens. Turn the lens to adjust the diameter of light (light spot area).
  2. Place the Okagel sample in the centre of the light box. Close the door. For small samples ( Ex. 1 drop),crosslinking will take 1-2 minutes. For large samples (Ex. full well plate), crosslinking will take a maximum of 4-5 minutes.


Stiffness of the sample will change based on the intensity of light used, and the duration of time the sample is left inside the container.